Safiyyah & KeepVibesNear Drop Seasonal R&B Tune, “Days Like This”

West London singer Safiyyah releases the sultry “Days Like This” with alt R&B singer KeepVibesNear.

The 23-year-old of Portuguese-Moroccan roots also brings on Nikhil Beats to produce the collaboration. It is a track tailored for the spring, with plenty soul to accompany its pristine vibe. With influences ranging from D’Angelo to King Krule, East London’s KeepVibesNear contributes to create a mastered duet.

Safiyyah commented that the song is “A reminder for people that we all get stressed and have bad days but to relax and enjoy life’s beauties.” For KeepVibesNear, “Days Like This” represents “being present even when life is piling on top of you” and “appreciating the journey because you know things get hard but you push through regardless.”

Listen and watch the music video to “Days Like This” below.

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