Mic Cheque is an online publication that bridges the gap between British and American hip hop.

Founded in 2017, the platform was designed to creatively document thoughts on the most popular genre in mainstream music. From a review blog, Mic Cheque has grown into a viral media network, providing hip hop fans with unique social media content, thoughtful analysis, and coverage on the latest up and coming talent.

On Mic Cheque, UK rappers are given the written treatment they deserve with honest and unbiased coverage. Homage is paid to the heritage of all hip hop subgenres; from the boom bap, trap and alternative music of the American coasts to British grime, rap and further international roots.

Articles on Mic Cheque go beyond the culture’s surface, offering comprehensive insight into the world of hip hop past and present.

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Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Mic Cheque. I’ve been writing since 2017 to deliver UK rap the literary treatment it deserves. My main goal has been to write quality album reviews for the UK scene that mainstream publications neglect. Rap fanatic since the age of 11 regardless of subgenre, whether it’s 90s boom bap or modern trap. My favourite rapper is Nas and Lowkey’s Soundtrack to the Struggle is the most overlooked UK rap album of all-time.


Senior Contributor. I handle all content to do with underground hip hop. If you spot a Griselda article on the site it was most likely written by me! I’m currently in college pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing. A proud Latino who has a deep passion for writing and a bigger love for the hip hop culture. My favourite rapper is Jay-Z and Dipset is the best hip hop group of all time.