Review: Curren$y & Harry Fraud, ‘Regatta’

The underground’s favorite duo returns with another collaborative project that builds upon the dynamic chemistry crafted through multiple cult classics.

Over the past decade, the rapper/producer pair of Curren$y and Harry Fraud have flooded the market with many collaborations, achieving an elite status among the underground for their distinct sound. From 2012’s Cigarette Boats EP to their most recent joint effort, Regatta, the duo have built up an impressive repertoire of projects that have helped them gain a diverse fanbase of listeners who are dedicated to spreading the word of the duo’s magnificent teamwork.

Regata is another great collaboration between two legends who have helped elevate the underground hip-hop scene to new heights.

Just as you would expect from any Curren$y & Harry Fraud collaboration, the most appealing factor is the lavish ambience of the record. The duo’s latest EP delivers 8 tracks and accommodates for a generous run time of 21 minutes. Curren$y’s laid back lyricism is yet again laced by the exotically lush production of Harry Fraud, resulting in the perfect combination of styles for a full joint effort. The energy remains consistent throughout the entire project, providing a rich atmosphere that brings the best out of both artists.

One of the more well-known aspects about Curren$y – aside from having a lengthy catalog of mixtapes – would be his cooperative nature. The common factor derived from each Spitta project is the vast list of featured artists. The reunion of Curren$y and Harry Fraud bought forth a handful of frequent collaborators to bless the project. Artists from the legendary Styles P to 2 Chainz all pull up and deliver great contributions with a major standout stemming from the track “Super Series” which exhibits melodies and a full verse from the Bay Area’s own, Larry June. The chemistry between the duo and their collaborators perfectly compliments the relaxed atmosphere & adds in to the enjoyability of the project

As always, Curren$y’s nonchalant delivery assists in setting the serene atmosphere present in all his projects, including this one. On this project, Spitta’s rhymes are filled with everything from life lessons to sparking up in the morning to motivating the fans to get their hustle on. Curren$y’s consistent approach to rapping about his interests have served as therapy to his fanbase. Hearing inspirational quotes in the form of lyrics has helped Spitta garner a dedicated following, one that he acknowledges on the tail-end of his verse on the 2 Chainz-assisted “Sellin’ Cereal” where he states: (“I’m really hustlin’ for them millions, ain’t that why you diggin’ it”).

In accord with Spitta’s easygoing lyricism is Harry Fraud’s lush production composed of obscure samples and chops. Those that have followed Fraud since his early days are aware of the role his style played in elevating the lane of hip-hop occupied by artists from Curren$y to Smoke DZA. Fraud’s luxuriously relaxed tempo continues to bring out the best in these artists and is displayed throughout this project with Curren$y as well. Tracks such as “Purchasing Power” & “Car Lot” act as perfect examples of Fraud’s immaculate sampling methods, flipping records to provide new choruses & characteristics to the song. Harry Fraud’s production on Regatta serves as a base, fueling the project with a rich atmosphere that tends to exhibit Curren$y at his best.

It is no doubt that Curren$y & Harry Fraud have both influenced an entire generation, finding success during the blog era to provide a new lane in hip-hop. From Curren$y’s notable mixtape hustle with Wiz Khalifa to Fraud’s beats flooding the streets through French Montana & Max B, the duo separately etched out the foundation for what would be hip-hop throughout the 2010s.

The humble pair may not flaunt their impact like many artists would, but that doesn’t mean the two don’t acknowledge their influence. For example, the track “Car Lot”, Curren$y turns it up a notch in his first verse saying: (“From zero to a lot, I’m a hero to hip-hop / Underground like treasure that pirates never found”). What Regatta signifies is more than just the progression of the two artists, but the evolution of the sub-genre of weed-laced raps that the pair have provided multiple soundtracks for.

All in all, Curren$y and Harry Fraud return to form, creating another fantastic project that builds upon a greatly established chemistry between both artists. Both have been consistently releasing output throughout the past year and their latest effort excellently exhibits the synergy between the two. With years of hard work and great influence under their belts, Curren$y & Harry Fraud make the perfect rapper/producer duo and any further endeavors from the pair are more than welcome moving forward.

7.5 / 10

Best tracks: “Purchasing Power”, “Super Series”, “Car Lot”, “The Venture Cup”