Nippa Waves Flag for UK R&B on Debut Self-Titled EP

British singer Nippa has released his debut EP, a determined effort to bring vintage R&B back to the forefront.

It is easy to get lost in the void of music releases these days, particularly if you stray from the nation’s trending sounds. The UK scene is dominated by rap acts rightfully thriving in commercial appeal. But Nippa aims to make his voice heard through his newly-released EP. Featuring six tracks, Nippa’s debut project is a mission statement straight out of North London. The focus is pure R&B, taking the essence back to the 90s and early 2000s with influences from Craig David, Brandy and Musiq Soulchild.

Nippa significantly drew ears earlier this year with his track “Situation”, which lands on the EP alongside previous singles “Ride or Die” and “Paid the Price”. Wisely, Nippa finds a balance between butter-smooth vocals while staying next door to subtle hip hop elements.

Above all, there is an organic aura in play. Nippa isn’t bringing back noughties R&B for the sake of it, or merely replicating the greats of the genre. The melodies are crisps, the hooks are memorable and the production avoids getting lost in moody solace.

At this pace, Nippa will continue breaking through the ceiling and give UK R&B the spotlight it deserves.

Listen to Nippa’s self-titled EP below.