Bossman Birdie, Jme, Big H, President T and Paper Pabs Reassemble Meridian Crew for “Man in Meridian”

Iconic grime collective Meridian Crew reunite for the first time in over a decade for their song “Man in Meridian”.

The comeback track brings together the original MCs, Bossman Birdie, Jme, Big H, President T and Paper Pabs, accompanied with nostalgic visuals featuring five children that represent each artist. Filmed on the Meridian Estate, “Man in Meridian” is a true blast from the past, from the video to the track itself that samples one of their early freestyles.

Formed in the early 2000s, Meridian Crew were one of the first grime collectives, known for freestyling together on pirate radio stations – the origins of grime and the heart of its unique, rich culture. The crew disbanded but went on to spawn a string of successful careers. Their reunion on “Man in Meridian” is both a homage and celebration of early grime, reviving the legacy to live within a new generation.

In the words of Meridian Crew member Bossman Birdie, “Man in Meridian” is “one of the most important grime tracks to come out of the genre to date.” He further commented: “It’s the essence of the culture and the first time you get to hear 90% of Meridian together swinging it out on the same record. With everyone locked into their own solo endeavours, it was a madness getting the verses over the line. But we all wanted to give the fans something sick for the support over the years. This is the start of some much-needed fire to come from this legendary collective.”

Watch the music video for “Man in Meridian” below.