Review: Emotional Oranges, ‘The Juicebox’

Emotional Oranges’ latest EP is a stunning R&B masterpiece with multiple features adding something new to the project. 

With almost a year of silence from dropping new music, the duo that has roughly 2 million monthly listeners had their audience waiting for the next project to arrive (that likely was delayed due to COVID). The duo dropped a song a year after their second project, The Juice: Vol 2, was released, and amassed over 9 million streams, adding to the growing hype of their next release. 

Emotional Oranges was sure not to disappoint after the positive reaction to their first single back, and dropped songs every 2 months showing off a new feature each time. The features were one of the best parts of the whole project, with each song having a unique vibe every time to add to the excellent atmosphere. Especially prominent by them pulling big name artists like Vince Staples and Becky G. And even with all these features, the duo still stood out with amazing performances to back everything up.

Highlight song, “All That” gives a major retro funk vibe that would have you dancing while walking down the street, or just a great party/club song to have everyone moving. The expert production truly adds to everything the song already provided, thanks to producers xSDTRK and Azad Right, xSDTRK mainly known for working with the duo and Azad being the male part of the group. 

“Down to Miami” sees the duo pair up with over 20 million monthly listeners artist Becky G. Overall the pair works well with a slower Spanish artist like Becky G who works well over any type of beat, whether that be the slow and sensual style on this song, or a faster pace beat. 

“Back & Forth” sees the group work with the consistent West Coast rapper Vince Staples. Vince has been seen on mostly faster pace songs where his flow dominates the song but with his singing improving overtime, he has been seen on slower songs like these that Emotional Oranges put together. 

The last major standout song is “No Words” featuring Yendry. The angelic hook on the song is what truly sets this song over the edge. With lyrics that talk about a falling out in a relationship that may have been going good, but took a wrong turn somewhere down the line. Yendry adds a spin to the song like Becky G with the Spanish spoken verse that doesn’t take away from the atmosphere set by the song. 

With The Juicebox, Emotional Oranges delivered an outstanding project. Having the features really kept things fresh and enjoyable in the short project. Absolutely no disappointments in the tracklist where it’s enjoyable tracks galore. A must listen to everyone who finds any enjoyment in R&B. 

9 / 10

Best tracks: “All That”, “Back & Forth”, “No Words”, “Back to Miami”

Written by Joey Valcarcel

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