Guvna B Releases ‘everywhere + nowhere’ Deluxe Edition

East London rapper and author Guvna B has released the deluxe version to his ninth project, everywhere + nowhere, dubbed the ‘Black Edition’.

The Black Edition attaches 6 additional tracks to the original version of everywhere + nowhere, which included 12 songs and was released in April 2020. The deluxe embraces guest appearances from D Double E, Madison Ryann Ward, Tidez, Still Shadey and CalledOut Music, as well as the original appearances from Wretch 32, Travis Greene and Barney Artist.

Its lead single “Very Original” is in collaboration with grime legend D Double E, a convicted track that supplements the album’s themes of faith, religion and reconstructing society’s perception of masculinity. Musically, Guvna B brings sweet melodies, advanced production and genre versatility that makes everywhere + nowhere a stellar body of work out the UK scene.

Stream everywhere + nowhere (Black Edition) below, released on 21 May by Allo Mate Records.

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