Kayy R Releases Debut Single “On Tour”

London-repping newcomer Kayy R drops the music video for his debut single, “On Tour”, shot by Director Rich.

For a debut track, Kayy R displays plenty of charisma all over “On Tour”, whether that is through the memorable one-liners or his varied delivery. Over a minimal, ominous beat produced by PMD (that is sweetly reminiscent of the classic “Woo Riddim”), Kayy R lays down a rhythmic hook that is supplemented by disciplined flows across the verses. There are elements of humour among the rapper’s declaration to “get out of the bits and take the gangway on tour”.

“On Tour” nails song structure, vocal clarity in the raps and no hesitation to add the personality of Kayy R. If this is the recipe, it is sure to be one to stick to for following releases.

Watch the music video for “On Tour” below.