Vezzy Crooks Brings Substance and Style on “Me vs Myself”

Upcoming rapper Vezzy Crooks verifies his worth on his latest single “Me vs Myself”, a declaration of faith in his ascension.

Up till now, the London rapper has displayed unequivocal ambition to make a name for himself. Teasing the track for a few months before its April release, “Me vs Myself” epitomises Vezzy’s belief that the sky is not the limit. Over a soulful beat produced by Bigzy, the rapper transmits sincerity in every line spoken, offering transparency with a clear focus on UK lyricism. “Don’t believe in destiny, I run my own fate”, he declares on the track’s hook, one of the many statements wired in to make the listener hear him loud and clear.

Above all, “Me vs Myself” gives a microscopic look into Vezzy Crooks’ character. “Ever helped me out of kindness I most definitely got you / ‘Cause real is a rarity and rarity is real”, is one of a few standout lines that make up the song’s themes of authenticity, aspiration and thankful attitudes. In a UK scene where fans adore candid introspection, Vezzy Crooks is able to activate his natural ability to offer it.

The ascent is on show, and it’s time to pay attention.

Watch the music video to “Me vs Myself” below, available to stream on all digital platforms.