Denyher Raps with Conviction on “Applause”

East London rapper Denyher asserts authority on “Applause”, a track that focuses purely on the raps.

There are gems of artists to be unearthed from the underground UK scene. In a male-dominated scene desperately searching for diversity, Denyher (pronounced den-i-uh) showcases a natural path for stardom. Her single “Applause” immediately sets an impression, filled with self-confidence that is evidently no gimmick.

What’s most refreshing about Denyher’s “Applause” is the singular focus on rapping. There are no distractions from Denyher’s ability to spit on the track; it is the beat and the bars at play. Denyher raps like no rookie, as if she has been putting out material for years. It is the selling point of “Applause” and Denyher as an artist, an aspect that will take her to the next level if she maintains that quality and experiments with her sound.

Watch the music video for “Applause” below.

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