Finn Foxell Releases Versatile and Colourful ‘Alright Sunshine’ EP

West London’s Finn Foxell takes seven songs to showcase his talent on the newly-released EP, Alright Sunshine.

Alright Sunshine follows his 2020 EP, Talk Is Cheap, boldly packing in various directions over 23 minutes. No limitations are in sight for Finn Foxell, taking the opportunity to explore traditional hip hop, funk and dance music, switching between rapping and singing wherever appropriate.

The EP is assisted through collaborations with fellow Elevation Meditation members Lord Apex, Xav and Louis Culture, as well as p-rallel which handles production alongside Jacob Manson, Nikhil Beats, Iglu Noise and Paul Carr. The music does its best to represent the project title, consistently radiating positive energy. Finn Foxell finds himself matching the tone through lyrics of friendship, infatuation and reflection.

Photography: Fin Flint

The project arrives off the back of standout singles such as “The Night” and “Slow Kisses”. Opening track “Golden Nuggets” with Lord Apex sets a stellar bar through its addictive groove, referencing the popular cereal as a metaphor for “the real bag”. Elsewhere, Finn Foxell shows advanced understanding of songwriting on “Tide Rise”, and his playful personality on “EOTM”.

Speaking on the EP, Finn Foxell commented: “All the songs embody the playfulness of my late teens and early 20s, with my friends in London. Short, sweet, and simple.”

On Alright Sunshine, the talent of Finn Foxell is clear as day, setting a standard for fellow UK artists to reach and serving as a leading force in the nation’s alternative rap scene.

Stream Finn Foxell’s Alright Sunshine EP below.