HUES & Korban Baxter Link Up to Release ‘I Am Not A Crip’ EP

Philly undergrad, Korban Baxter, teams up with up-and-coming producer, HUES, for a 6-track EP titled I Am Not A Crip.

Both Korban Baxter and HUES have spent the last few years making ripples in the underground scene, occupying their sole sounds in a similar space.

Their joint project, I Am Not A Crip, ventures into different avenues, sonically and conceptually. Embarking on the tale of a young man’s journey of growing up in Philly, Korban Baxter puts his pen to the test, expressing the troubling experiences many youth face in deeply urban neighborhoods through compacted storytelling and skits to establish a direct storyline.

With production entirely handled by HUES, the project taps into different moods with a diverse array of beats guiding listeners through the experience. With sampled influences for a variety of genres, the two creatives mesh perfectly as HUES’ assorted foundation allows Korban to hop into different pockets and properly exhibit his artistic range.

The project remains clearly cohesive in its 18-minute run time, exceeding expectations in a six-track long EP. Major standouts include the project’s dreary single “Stolen Youths” expressing the existential dread of one growing up inner-city ghettos, as well as the renegading track “5-0 Slideshow” revolting against police brutality with contributions from fellow underground contemporary, Mad Sadiq.

As the two continue to carve out their names in the underground hip-hop scene, I Am Not A Crip is an outstanding addition to both catalogs, displaying the immense potential from each of the astonishing creatives.

Listen to I Am Not A Crip below.