Review: Jordy, ‘KMT’ – First Listen

Jordy demands your attention on his second EP, a six-track showcase of a man who’s taking rap seriously.

The Essex-based rapper stays busy in plenty lanes. He established himself as a personality with Filthy Fellas, a UK social collective known for their football podcast, among other content. But music’s been on the cards as early as 2017, releasing several singles as a solo artist and as part of rap group Vibbar. Last year saw his professional debut with the SMH EP; now he’s continuing to warm up with the follow-up EP, KMT.

The writing, production and confidence all takes an upgrade in a way that puts Jordy the rapper first, and everything else after.

On KMT, Jordy sets out to put his raps first. Aside from the trap-tuned “Peak!”, all tracks take a leap towards alternative UK hip hop. “Enemies” brings this to centre-stage, a song that proves the intent he holds as an artist (“Last year I found myself dumbing down songs”). Jordy puts his conscious on wax over melancholic guitar strums, produced by OJ and Buyeza, in a way that makes you care as a listener. It’s not easy to make your personal thoughts resonate with the listener, which is what makes “Enemies” one of the best song he’s released so far.

If there’s more proof needed that Jordy’s not playing around, it’s “Forty Acres”. He recruits Wretch 32, one of the most respected lyricists in the nation, for a ghoulish track that puts Jordy’s pen to the test. He matches Wretch’s performance, commanding his verse like he’s spent years in the game. This doesn’t just show Jordy’s potential, but potential that’s already been reached.

“Serious Sickhead” bigs up Jordy as a beat picker and curator, knowing this track made sense to open up the project. “Buck Me” is the EP’s most light-hearted track, its hook taking some adjustment initially, but becomes one of the most memorable ones. The closing track “Special” rounds off the nocturnal mood, minimal in production and exuding that confidence Jordy carries over the 19 minutes.

On KMT, Jordy proves he means business. He’s improved as a rapper and artist, finding the sound that works best for him. Just like Wretch 32 said on his verse, “All I do is progress and then I show the steps”. KMT is the progress and the upgrades are the steps.

Best tracks: “ENEMIES”, “FORTY ACRES”