Egypt’s Bayou & London’s Yef Combine for Smash Hit “Persian Girl”

Egyptian singer Bayou collaborates with London producer and rapper Yef for their single “Persian Girl”, an ode to Iranian women of the Middle East.

An unlikely pairing, Bayou and Yef take advantage of modern communication to deliver a track with significant international reach. Produced by Yef, “Persian Girl” adopts an afrobeat base with Arab infusion and pop appeal, laying the foundation for Bayou’s serenade.

Its niche subject matter led to an instant surge in streams, eventually receiving placement in Spotify’s Arab X playlist.

Speaking on the song’s fruition, co-lead artist Yef explained: “In late December, my friend and fellow producer, RIQ (based in the US) and I were in a Discord call, making music, before he showed me a session he had with Bayou, where the singer was just mumbling a melody over a YouTube type beat. RIQ was determined to get me to put my stamp over Bayou’s topline. I made an entirely different beat, sent it back to RIQ, who forwarded it to Bayou, and it’s safe to say he was thoroughly excited to carry on turning this brief concept into a proper song.”

Most importantly, “Persian Girl” sets a new standard for British-international collaborations and the capabilities possible by British artists, especially as a song that isn’t afraid to put itself in the pop sphere.

Listen to “Persian Girl” by Bayou and Yef below.