Skirmish Waves the UK Boom Bap Flag on “I’m Not Involved”

London emcee Skirmish drops the visuals for his latest track, the lyrically sharp “I’m Not Involved”.

British rappers sound more at home on boom bap than you may think. Skirmish proves this on “I’m Not Involved”, his first release of 2022. Featuring ghoulish production from Hitrun Studios, the song creates a distance between Skirmish and attention-seeking online while mentioning comparisons to Nas and Rakim.

Lyrically, “I’m Not Involved” shows the prowess the UK’s underground scene holds, a slap in the face to anyone who doubts the nation’s talent on the microphone.

Skirmish is famously known for being a member of the underground hip hop group Rhyme Asylum, one of the earliest rap groups in the UK scene. Their cult classic album State of Lunacy was released in 2008 and receives constant mentions in online hip hop communities.

Listen and watch the music video to Skirmish’s track “I’m Not Involved” below.