IM’PERETIV Recruits Elcamino, Chayna Ashley & Plex Diamonds for the Daunting Single, “Takin’ a Trip”

The high-powered producer hailing from Vancouver, BC sets the tone for his upcoming project with a track jam-packed with the underground’s deadliest emcees.

“Takin’ a Trip” highlights the gritty-styled nature of hip-hop production that currently dominates the culture and builds on the blueprint by incorporating a menacing roster of fitting emcees: Elcamino who starts the record off, Chayna Ashley representing the new wave of female rappers who’ve been killing it, and Plex Diamonds who anchors the track with a stunning finishing verse.

The menacing instrumental brings out the best in the roster as they tap in to the flamboyant and dangerous hustling lifestyle for the lyrical content.

The collective group of artists flawlessly blend together and bring out the blueprint for the underground sound to a higher degree. Im’peretiv lays the base & soul for the track while the three rappers breathe another life into the song’s structure.

With the right combinations mixed together, Im’peretiv successfully executes the recipe for an underground hip-hop record.

Listen to Imperativ’s track “Takin’ a Trip” below.