Review: Curren$y & Cash Fargo, ‘Land Air Sea’

New Orleans legend Curren$y continues his year-end takeover with a mesmerizing extended play, fully produced by Cash Fargo.

It’s been nearly a month since Curren$y’s last project, Regatta, and the underground legend is already back at it with more content. Earlier in the year, Curren$y laid out a plan to flood the fourth quarter with various projects, mostly full collaborations with different producers. On the Land Air Sea EP, Spitta reconnects with frequent collaborator and close accomplice, Cash Fargo.

Curren$y and Cash Fargo’s chemistry strengthens on the Land Air Sea EP as Spitta effortlessly flows over Cash Fargo’s smooth and jazzy instrumentals. The joint effort is a short listen compiled of five tracks undertaking a 15-minute run time. The complete roster of tracks remains consistent from beginning to end, retaining a relaxed atmosphere for the entire ride. The combination of Curren$y’s laid back delivery and Cash Fargo’s relaxing production fit perfectly together, allowing for the two to develop a stronger musical chemistry.

For being composed of five individual songs, Land Air Sea contains a fair amount of featured contributions from different Jet Life affiliates. The chemistry between all Jet Life associates assists in building the project’s rich atmosphere. The album opens up with Curren$y and Fiend spitting game on “Axe Capital” and progresses with more contributions from Fendi P on “Shark Tank” and Spitta’s own son on “Investment Strategy”.

Though it is a short listen, Curren$y’s approach to lyricism remains the same, flaunting his hustling ambition with laid back flows and motivating rhymes. With the world emphasizing the importance of ownership and investing, Spitta takes this time to drop some game on these topics. From the motivating messages on the luxuriant “Shark Tank” to discussing business strategies on “They and Them”, Spitta is all about the hustling lifestyle, finding time to dropping jewels on every track.

This tape wouldn’t be what it is without the magic touch of production provided by Cash Fargo. Fargo’s jazz-infused trap beats lay the foundation for the project, allowing for Spitta to have his hustling sermons delivered clearly. The balance between two differing styles helps spawns great moments sonically, such as the jazzy sample on “Hedge Fund” & the synthetic chords on “Investment Strategy”. The lush feeling generated from Cash Fargo’s production perfectly aligns with Curren$y’s relaxed style, which makes for a satisfying listen overall.

The Land Air Sea EP manages to utilize its minuscule run time to deliver a large magnitude of content without making the message seem overwhelming. Curren$y’s quick crash course of rhymes spread over Cash Fargo’s lush production style makes for an amazing listening experience with no worries of wasted time. Though the project could have benefitted with a few additional tracks, it’s clear that this isn’t the last time we’ll be hearing from the duo before the year ends.

7 / 10

Best tracks: “Investment Strategy”, “Hedge Fund”, “Shark Tank”