Yaw Tog Brings Flair to New Single, “Sei Mu”

Ghanaian rapper Yaw Tog has released his latest track, “Sei Mu”. It is his first drop since his TIME EP released earlier this year.

Produced by Khendi Beatz, “Sei Mu” takes influences from dub to grant a melodic track with a unique bounce. Its title is taken from the Twi term for expressing joy, honing Yaw Tog’s individual flair that he brings to his music.

“Sei Mu” is the 18 year old’s first release since graduating high school, now pursuing music full-time. It comes off the back of his viral hit “Sore”, which was granted a remix that featured British rapper Stormzy. Since then, Yaw Tog has served as the leading force for the Ghanaian drill movement.

LIsten to Yaw Tog’s new song “Sei Mu” below.