SBK Recruits Jme & Shorty for Grime Cut “Be Careful”

Grime emcee SBK has released his new track “Be Careful”, featuring appearances from Boy Better Know’s Jme and Shorty.

At just 19 years of age, SBK has been warming up with multiple singles and projects over the last few years to make his mark on the grime scene. His latest offering is “Be Careful”, which proudly bridges the new era of grime with its originators. SBK delivers a classic grime hook, followed up by memorable verses from Jme and Shorty before SBK closes up with his own verse that oozes confidence (“I used to watch my idols / Now I got a contact book full of kings”).

The self-produced cut serves as the lead single from SBK’s upcoming debut album, Serenity, due for release on 6 August.

Watch the music video for “Be Careful” below.

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