Sneakbo Takes in New Talent on CORD’s “OG’s React”

British rapper Sneakbo takes in the latest UK tracks for the second edition of OG’s React on up and coming content platform, CORD.

Sneakbo is the latest UK vet to give his thoughts on CORD’s OG’s React series, following North London legends Joe Black and Benny Banks. For the episode, Sneakbo sits and dives into tracks by UK rappers Fredo, Central Cee, Russ & Tion Wayne, Dezzie, Clavish and more; as well as taking an unexpected nostalgic turn.

The Brixton, South London rapper is known as one of the most influential artists of the UK scene. Debuting in 2010, Sneakbo turned heads with cult classics such as “Touch Ah Button” and “Wave Like Us”, pioneering the concept of rapping over dancehall beats. Since then, Sneakbo has racked up various mixtapes, crossover top 40 hits and a top 20 debut album.

OG’s React provides an opportunity for UK rappers of the previous generation to share their views on the current climate of the scene, as well as ensuring younger fans are reminded of their everlasting presence.

Watch Sneakbo’s reactions below on CORD.