Five Up and Coming UK Music Podcasts

The podcast era has been well in full effect for the last few years. In the UK in particular, podcasts have gradually grown to prominence across all areas of entertainment. However there may be not a form of entertainment as divisive as music. Opinions in music arrange themselves across such a large spectrum that allows the emergence of insightful, entertaining and controversial podcasts for listeners to consume.

The perks of UK music podcasts are that they are able to give dual discussions on both British and American music. In some instances, these podcasts opt to solely focus on the British scene. Wherever the focus may be, it results in a listener’s fly-on-the-wall experience for quality conversations.

There are plenty of famous and established UK music podcasts, but there are a few that have been bubbling over the last couple years that are destined for wider discovery.

Here are the five best up and coming UK-based podcasts that discuss hip hop music, with eligibility based on a minimum of a 30-episode catalogue.

The Vinyl Collective

Debut: October 2020

Hosts: Jon & Tope

Formed in late 2020, The Vinyl Collective is hosted by Jon and Tope, two music heads that expand the spectrum within the UK music commentary scene. The Vinyl Collective ensure no holds are barred on topics, discussing the UK and US rap scenes while also pivoting to R&B. When they wish, Jon and Tope take the listener back to foundational hip hop discussions and balance those breakdowns with the events of present day. The hosts are candid when it comes to artists who they feel are overrated, but ensure they give flowers to underrated talents through their Spotlight Series playlist segment. It is an aspect that maintains integrity within the podcast, enabling an all-rounder experience for any music podcast consumer.

Slime Talk

Debut: June 2020

Hosts: Mikes & Iris

Through its half-century of episodes, Slime Talk is a podcast that embodies UK culture. Conceived in summer 2020, its hosts Mikes and Iris do their due diligence to discuss music in both the UK and US rap scenes and current topics within the hip hop news cycle, while dabbling in takes on football and the English Premier League. Add the two together and you’re met with a fine representation of the cruxes of London lifestyle. But as the podcast evolves, one can tell there is more room for additional topics to explore, proof that Slime Talk is a pod that won’t be penned in a kennel.

Battle on the Roof

Debut: February 2020

Hosts: Chris the Capo, Flyguy Richards, Grey Hoodie Stef, Matty Yayo, Mykool Mups & Cool Kid Cheeks

Founded in early 2020, Battle on the Roof is one of the most niche music podcasts around, honing their focus on the subculture within hip hop that is battle rap. It may be a subculture that is more prominent in the States, but it is a refreshing podcast that delivers commentary on battle rap from a Black British perspective. From their stacked panel of Chris the Capo, Flyguy Richards, Grey Hoodie Stef, Matty Yayo, Mykool Mups and Cool Kid Cheeks, it is one of the few bubbling podcasts that bring the attention away from the music and take it to the art of bars.

The Good to Go Podcast

Debut: October 2018

Hosts: Foto Fela, Bola Bankz, Afolabi, Ev Gee & more

When it comes to UK rap, The Good to Go Podcast is the auditory place to be. Produced by Good to Go Music, hosts such as Foto Fela and Bola Bankz regularly share the stage with guest commentators to break down the latest UK projects and delve in nuanced conversations around UK artists. With the approach of an assorted panel that’s regularly mixed and matched, The GTG Pod are able to deliver diverse, free-flowing discussions and keep a tight grip on UK rap podcasting.

Rhymes Like Dimes Podcast

Debut: March 2019

Hosts: Peter, Moe & Yemi

Rapidly becoming more and more established in the UK podcast scene, Rhymes Like Dimes Podcast honours the MF DOOM song of the same name by catering polished, mature conversations around fundamental hip hop. From every episode, the listener can gauge that the trio are true hip hop heads. The pod balances their content by covering both American and British music, debating the past and present like true historians should.